Some golden rules:


  • Ride responsibly on the road and follow the rules. Car drivers won’t respect if we jump lights and ride on the pavement


  • We have all cracked our heads on tarmac so it makes sense to wear a helmet. It’s often uncomfortable and sometimes inconvenient but it’s nothing compared to the sometimes terrible consequence of a preventable serious brain injury


  • Be noticed: wear fluorescent tops, leggings, glasses and whatever takes your fancy. Invest in powerful lights front and back.


  • Be watchful: vehicles, pedestrians and other cyclists do strange and unpredictable things!


  • If you have an accident, try to get details of any other vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian involved and the names of anyone who witnessed what happened. This might be the difference between recovering the value of your bike from a thoughtless driver and you having to pay for his broken wing mirror and scratched side panel.

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