Car-dooring: time for a new approach?

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Image result for car-dooringA campaign to raise awareness of “car-dooring” is needed to save lives on Britain’s roads, Cycling UK has said.

The campaign group says cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians are being injured and killed by drivers and their passengers carelessly opening doors.

It wants the Dutch reach, a method which involves opening doors with the “wrong” hand, forcing them to turn and see if anyone’s approaching, to be taught to new drivers.

Government figures from 2011-2015 show that eight people died from carelessly-opened car doors. Of these deaths five were cyclists knocked off their bikes. In total 3,108 people were reported hurt but Cycling UK believes the true figure is probably much higher.

Pete Rogers, Director of Like A River is a recent victim of car-dooring. He said:

Car dooring!! Been there and it’s a constant worry. Mine was an inside lane passenger who just didn’t look, took me out and apologised, bent forks injured shoulder and ripped kit. One of the many 1000s that go un-reported.

As a daily commuter and experienced cyclist the way to ‘try’ and avoid car dooring is two fold. Cyclists – ride away from the cars and be aware, however when in a cycle lane (which are generally narrow), you do really have to slow down and be even more aware, especially being on the inside. Motorists – Look behind you. It’s not rocket science but education.


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