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RSS: About BicycleAssist

August 21st, 2009

BicycleAssist is a bicycle support service set up by two firms of solicitors: Potter Rees Dolan Serious Injury Solicitors and Hugh Joseph McCarthy Solicitors.  BicycleAssist has been devised by three solicitors within those firms who are passionate about cycling and believe that cyclists should have as much support as other road users particularly following an accident. The three individuals are Hugh Potter, Hugh Joseph and Jerry Smith.

BicycleAssist provides easy practical support for cyclists living in and around Greater Manchester:

  • Links with selected bike shops for new bicycles, replacement parts, accessories etc;
  • Links with suggested insurers for cover for theft and accidents;
  • Links with selected bike groups and organisations for rides, marshalling pressure for cyclists and information.

Advice and assistance following an accident:

  • Identifying those bike shops where you can take your bike for repair;
  • Where you have been injured free legal advice about claiming compensation;
  • Where you have been injured free welfare benefit advice.