How to protect yourself 


We strongly advise you to have insurance cover which can protect you in many ways:

  • If your bike is stolen you can recover its value or replace it
  • If you hurt someone or damage property when cycling, your insurance company will pay, not you
  • If you are off work, sometimes your insurance company will pay your lost wages
  • If you have a compensation claim, your insurance company may pay your legal costs


You need to check carefully what is covered by the insurance policy and decide if it is adequate. Remember that someone might bring a compensation claim against you!

Also, check the contents policy for your house as this may already provide you with useful cover.


We identify some insurance products specifically for cyclists below which offer good cover and could be a good starting point:


This offers a super simple, super comprehensive insurance designed for cyclists racing and training in the UK and Worldwide. yellowjersey

Yellow Jersey bicycle insurance covers your bicycle for theft, crash damage and also covers you for third party liability whilst cycling. It is worldwide as standard, covers racing and sportives as standard and it includes a 50% multi-bike discount for individual or family fleets.


Cycle Guard CycleGuardoffers different levels of cover and different options, for example, public liability cover only, Cycleguard Rescue, Cycleguard Triathlon and Cycleguard 4 Kids.

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